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Blade & Soul Neo Classic All Classes Overview

Blade and Soul NEO is a new version of the popular MMORPG Blade and Soul, that aims to restore the classic combat style and features of the game, while also improving some of the aspects that were criticized or disappointing in the past. The first batch of classes in Blade and Soul NEO Classic is planned to be seven in total. They are:

• Assassin: A stealthy and agile class that uses daggers and poisons to deal damage and evade enemies. Assassins can enter stealth mode, which makes them invisible and grants them access to powerful skills, such as Shadow Slash, Heart Stab, and Lightning Rod. Assassins can also use traps, bombs, and venom to weaken and disable their foes. Assassins are good at single-target damage, mobility, and crowd control, but they are vulnerable to detection and area attacks.

• Blade Master: A balanced and versatile class that uses swords and martial arts to attack and defend. Blade Masters can switch between two stances, basic and draw, which offer different skills and effects. Blade Masters can also use blocks, parries, and counters to deflect incoming attacks, and unleash devastating skills, such as Blade Call, Flicker, and Honed Slash. Blade Masters are good at damage, defense, and utility, but they require timing and positioning to execute their skills.

• Force Master: A ranged and elemental class that uses staves and orbs to manipulate fire, ice, and wind. Force Masters can cast various spells, such as Fireball, Frost Palm, and Windstorm, to deal damage and apply effects to enemies and allies. Force Masters can also use barriers, shields, and heals to protect themselves and their team. Force Masters are good at area damage, crowd control, and support, but they rely on mana and cooldowns to sustain their skills.

• Kung Fu Master: A melee and physical class that uses fists and feet to deliver powerful and precise strikes. Kung Fu Masters can use combos, grapples, and counters to dominate their enemies in close combat, and unleash skills, such as Tiger Strike, Iron Shoulder, and Rising Dragon. Kung Fu Masters can also use chi, a resource that builds up with successful attacks, to activate special skills, such as Searing Palm, Blue Moon, and Tremor. Kung Fu Masters are good at single-target damage, mobility, and survivability, but they require skill and accuracy to land their attacks.

• Destroyer: A brute and resilient class that uses axes and grabs to overpower and smash enemies. Destroyers can use spins, slams, and throws to deal damage and disrupt enemies, and unleash skills, such as Cleave, Wrath, and Execute. Destroyers can also use fury, a resource that builds up with damage taken, to activate special skills, such as Typhoon, Emberstomp, and Eradicate. Destroyers are good at area damage, crowd control, and tanking, but they lack mobility and range.

• Summoner: A supportive and summoning class that uses staves and cats to heal and assist allies. Summoners can summon a cat companion, which can fight, tank, or distract enemies, and use skills, such as Lunge, Crouch, and Anklebiter. Summoners can also use spells, such as Sunflower, Briar Patch, and Doom 'n' Bloom, to deal damage and heal allies. Summoners are good at healing, support, and utility, but they depend on their cat and positioning to survive.

• Blade Dancer: A hybrid and agile class that uses swords and dances to combine melee and ranged attacks. Blade Dancers can use spins, dashes, and slashes to deal damage and evade enemies, and unleash skills, such as Sunder, Rolling Typhoon, and Lightning Flash. Blade Dancers can also use dances, such as Storm Cleave, Flaming Scourge, and Whirling Scourge, to channel powerful elemental attacks. Blade Dancers are good at damage, mobility, and crowd control, but they have low defense and health.

These BnS NEO Classic classes are based on the original classes that were available in the early days of Blade and Soul, but they also have some new skills and features that are unique to NEO. For example, the Gon Force Master, the Lyn Assassin, and the Yun Kung Fu Master are new race and class combinations that were not possible before. The classes also have different skill trees and passive skills that can be customized to suit different playstyles and preferences. If you need BnS NEO Classic Gold when playing this game, please go to bnsneoclassicgold.com and get any amount of gold as you wish.

Hope it will be a fun and enjoyable game that will appeal to both old and new fans of the genre and I am looking forward to playing Blade and Soul NEO and seeing how it will bring new elements and improvements to the game.