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Blade and Soul Neo Classic Closed Beta Test CN Review

On February 28th, the closed beta test of the Chinese version of the Blade & Soul classic server began. Through great effort, I got the chance to get an account and joined the testing. I was originally a Blade & Soul Kung Fu Master player and persisted until the The Warlock's Tower update. Today, I will analyze and compare objectively various aspects of the classic server with the original Blade & Soul from the perspective of a player to tell everyone vividly whether the classic server, in its testing phase, has taken the essence and discarded the dross.

As a game that was once popular across the internet 10 years ago, Blade & Soul has many outstanding features. Setting aside awards and honors, if we were to evaluate the quality of an MMORPG game, gameplay would definitely come first. The popular concept of gameplay is simply "Is this game fun to play?" However, the concept of fun varies from person to person, so a more accurate description of gameplay should be the pleasure players derive from the game process, this feeling that comes from the depths of the heart, which can directly retain players. Therefore, let's first evaluate the overall gameplay of the classic server.

First, let's talk about controls. Compared to the original Blade & Soul, I personally feel that the controls of the classic server are smoother and more forgiving. To elaborate, the hitboxes of some skills are slightly larger, which means that when fighting bosses and engaging in PvE gameplay, players can achieve decent results without requiring high reaction times and hand-eye coordination. The simplification of controls is actually a very good change. After all, the era of hardcore gaming has gradually passed. Of course, if you still have the skills and reactions of a hardcore player, you will still be a gem in the game. Who would refuse a Blade Master who can solo bosses?

However, it should be noted that there are still some details that need to be optimized in the testing phase. For example, the feedback time for timely attacks is unstable, and the display of damage and effects is somewhat crude. But I believe that since players can intuitively feel these differences in the testing version, when the official version is launched, these details will be optimized.
Next is the fun factor. Ten years ago, in Chinese version, there was a slogan that players often repeated, 'Where is the oily senior sister?' (which is actually 'Where is the world with you' from Tecent.

These two have the same Chinese pronunciation. ) This made many players, whether they had played the game or not, daydream a bit, feeling the blood boiling. With just one slogan, the fun factor of this game skyrocketed, and players' little quirks are vividly portrayed. Different from the seriousness and hardcore tone of previous martial arts MMOs, the overall art style of the classic Blade & Soul remains the same, combining martial arts with comic book styles. Powered by the Unreal Engine, character performance is more detailed, and the immersion in the scenes is stronger. You can still choose the cute Lyn to dominate the scene, or choose the powerful Gon to crush everything.

Of course, scenes like the flash of a master of the Jin or Yun race will still be reproduced. As for some follow-up fun gameplay, such as the skill talent tree of game characters, daily life, collecting and crafting items, NPC highlights, these will continue to be updated. As for the core gameplay, the main storyline has not changed. You are still the chosen disciple of the Hongmoon Sect, still kneeling to Master Hong after the start, still getting involved in the disputes between the Bamboo Guard and the Stratus Empire, still seeing everyone rushing to the field bosses to spin the wheel for rewards. Currently, there doesn't seem to be much change in overall gameplay. It is still primarily PvE, which continues the greatest advantage of the original Blade & Soul, which is its PvE gameplay. You really can't find any faults.

Finally, let's supplement the situation of graphic optimization. Blade & Soul has always been criticized for characters appearing too oily, but this can actually be adjusted during character creation in the game. I have actually tried adjusting this issue before, but after adjusting the glossiness to not be oily at all, there is a feeling during the game, as if these are not characters from Blade & Soul. With this problem in mind, when I was creating characters and playing the game on the classic server, I paid attention to it. I couldn't help but marvel at the changes in game development over the past ten years. The overall graphics now have no trace of greasiness, but they also retain some essence. This way, you know that you are playing Blade & Soul. Need BnS NEO gold? You can buy it from our site.

The above is a personal review, while there are many feedbacks from others. To sum up:
Game Graphics: The graphics of the classic server have been upgraded to UE4. Although the image quality has improved, some players feel that this change has altered the nostalgic feeling of the original game.
Skill System: The skill point allocation system seems overly simplified, primarily focusing on damage, which may affect the gaming experience. Some players feel that this design lacks depth.
User Interface (UI): Some players feel that the UI design of the classic server is inferior to the official server, with a complex system and potential hidden pay-to-win aspects.
Gaming Experience: The classic server attempts to return to the "Watermoon" version and introduces a seasonal system. However, some players feel that it lacks nostalgia and feels somewhat familiar.
Operations Team: Some players express mistrust towards the planning and operations team of the classic server, fearing that the game may continue with the previous operation model, leading to a poor player experience.

Overall, while the classic server has attracted the interest of some players, many others express skepticism, particularly regarding the operation and design choices of the game. If you are interested in the Blade & Soul classic server, you may need to experience the game firsthand to form your own opinion.